Others, due to medical diagnosis of Coeliac and gluten intolerance, are forced to consume a gluten free diet and many want to avoid the uncomfortable heavy bloated feeling which they feel after consuming wheat based products.

Up until the introduction of PureBred consumers were limited to a very poor choice of gluten free breads that are tasteless, crumbly, very high in fat and very low in fibre.

The Result: Most people on a gluten-free diet simply avoided bread products altogether.

At the PureBred Bakery we wanted to bake a range of tasty gluten free bakery products for everyone to enjoy guilt free... and the good news is we did just that!

We are proud to bring you a range of delicious, soft and moist breads and rolls that are:

So now, welcome back, to bread and enjoy the wonderful new PureBred range of loaves and rolls.

The NEW PureBred range of gluten-free and wheat-free bread includes 8 yummy products.

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